Odour / Pollution Control


    Available in type 'AC'
    Eliminates odours or chemicals in gaseous form
    For use in conjunction with ventilation or air conditioning systems

Email Activated Carbon and Alumina

    Safe, easy to use so it cuts energy costs
    Controls corrosion- reacts to destroy gases and vapours
    Perfect for small, medium and large air purification systems

ESP Kitchen Exhaust

    Energy Efficient, can be combined with UV-O and UV-C
    Eliminates up to 98% of oil, grease and smoke particles
    Greatly reduces grease build-up within the duct run

GW Grease Filter

    Low Resistance
    Light weight regenerable or washable panel unit
    GW filter is also suitable for for use as a general-purpose air filter for small applications

Industrial ESP Range

Industrial ESP suitable for the removal of oil, smoke and mist, whilst utilising electrostatic precipitation technology.

Inter-Carb Carbon Panel Filter

    Effective against removing typical unpleasant odours
    Designed for applications where both odour and particulate control are required
    Filter media is a blend of synthetic fibers impregnated with activated carbon that affords the owner flexibility

PPC Series

    Designed for portable pollution control
    Ideal for the use of unpleasant odour removal
    Each unit is designed to deliver a maximum of 566 L/S