Minipulse – Compact Dust Collector

    Dust is captured using high efficiency filtration
    Strong suction to capture dust and fumes
    Materials have excellent air permeability



The unit combines the exhaust fan, dust separator and dust storage in one assembly. The fan and motor are positioned at the top of the unit, at the clean air side of the collector. The Mini Pulse comes in two sizes: the Mini Pulse 500 with 10m² filter area and the Mini Pulse 350 with 7m² filter area. The filters are easily reached through an access door. The fan and motor section lifts upward while a gas strut counters the weight of the fan. 


The body is fabricated from 2mm thick mild steel panels, powder coated for durability and appearance.   The fan wheel used has backwardly inclined blades and is of sturdy construction. The large capacity dust bin rolls on its own castors. The single star pleated filter has a large effective filtration area. The filter is segmented to allow for continuous operation. A special version of the Mini Pulse, the 500s, uses a single cartridge of 20m². This larger unit can handle 1700m³/hr of dust laden air. 

A range of options enables units to be configured to meet needs of most applications including the pharmaceutical industry, food manufacturing, engineering, foundries, woodworking and plants engaged in the production of paint, plastics and chemicals.

The MiniPulse combines a very efficient fan, washable filter cartridge and dust storage bin in a single assembly with the fan and motor being positioned on the clean air side of the unit. The whole assembly is mounted on wheels for easy movement in confined spaces


Typical uses:

Pharmaceutical Industry Metal working (grinding, buffing etc) Woodworking Welding fume extraction and filtration Foundries.



Handy Arm Handy Arm
After Filter Box After filter box for prefilter & high efficiency filter
240v Motor 240V motor
Silencer Silencer