Electrostatic Filtration

Electrostatic Agglomerator – Side Withdrawal

    Consists of four major components
    The initial operating resistance of a side withdrawal agglomerator is 56Pa at rated capacity
    Designed to provide high efficiency, low resistance filtration in situations where longitudinal space is limited

Electrostatic Kitchen Exhaust

    Energy Efficient
    Eliminates up to 98% of oil, grease and smoke particles
    Greatly reduces grease build-up within the duct run

Electrostatic Kitchen Exhaust Modules

    The units consist of 2 major parts
    Guarantees savings on long-term building maintenance
    Designed specifically for the high efficiency removal of particulate and odour

Ionitron Electrostatic – Fourpeak Agglomerator

    For high efficiency filtration
    Combines the best features of both electrostatic and media type air filters
    Proving critical for the removal of carcinogenic diesel exhaust fumes associated with major roadways and freeways

Ionitron Washdown Electrostatic Air Filter

    Units are available in sizes from 944 L/s up to 90,000 L/s air flow
    Australian Standard AS1132 gives an efficiency of 87% to No.1 test dust. 
    The normal initial operating resistance of an Ionitron unit is 51Pa. at rated capacity

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