We’re on the hunt for some fresh faces to join our crew at AES Environmental! We’re all about keeping the air clean and the labs safe, making sure we’re all breathing easy and keeping the nasties at bay. If you’re keen to make a real difference and reckon you’ve got what it takes to be part of a team that’s a bit on the legendary side, we want to hear from you!

Current Opportunities:

  • Sales and Marketing Wiz: Got a knack for yarnin’ with folks and spreading the word? We’re looking for someone who can charm the socks off our potential customers and partners, especially if you’re good at finding new mates overseas.
  • Engineering Guru: If you’re the type who loves tinkering and making sure everything’s running smoother than a new V8, we could use your brains and hands. We need people who are all about manufacturing and engineering
  • Lab Safety Champion: Passionate about keeping lab workers safe and sound? We need experts in biological safety cabinets and all that jazz to make sure our products are the duck’s nuts.
  • Customer Support Star: Love helping people and solving puzzles? If you’re the type who can keep cool when the heat’s on and make our customers feel like they’re the bee’s knees, jump on board.

We’re not just about the nitty-gritty. At AES, we’re a family. We look after each other, have a fair dinkum time doing what we love, and always aim to punch above our weight. Plus, we’re big on making sure our team fits in just right, no matter where you’re from. Whether you’re missing the Aussie beaches or you’re local and love the footy, there’s a spot here for you.

If you reckon you’re a good fit and keen to learn more, chuck us your CV and a bit about why you think you’d be great for the team. Let’s make the world a cleaner, safer place together.