Highly efficient self cleaning filter
    Dust Removal in dust applications
    Meet the needs of many applications


The Filtercorp Silo-Vent range of Dust Collectors provides a computer designed range of continuous cleaning systems for the removal of dust from industrial applications. The filter surface area is optimised by using either filter bags or pleated cartridges.

With a variety of configurations available, the units are designed to meet the needs of many applications including cement, fly-ash, grains, limestone, sand and similar bulk storage handling materials. The self-cleaning filter or filter bags provide very high filtration efficiency with minimal maintenance requirements. This enables operating costs to be kept to a minimum.

The housing is constructed of one-piece heavy gauge mild steel with various surface protections available.

Filter Cartridges Or Bags
The filter cartridges or filter bags are positioned to maximise cleaning efficiency. The media provides high filtration efficiency and low operating resistance. This low resistance combined with excellent dust release characteristics achieves minimal operating costs.

Automatic Cartridge Or Bag Cleaning Mechanism
The Silo-Vent contains a purpose designed, reverse pulse cleaning system. Depending on application requirement, venturis or unique nozzles are utilised to provide optimum cleaning performance.

Ease Of Maintenance
In a Silo-Vent, operating at optimal conditions, the filter cartridges or filter bags
should last approximately two years. The Silo-Vent dust collector is designed for tool-free filter cartridge or filter bag removal.

The performance of the Silo-Vent dust collector surpasses the performance of other static and envelope type dust collectors. The Silo-Vent dust collector “Midi” model fits new installations and
replacement of existing Green Bag units. The “Midi” unit can be installed directly into the collar of Green Bag units. Due to the lack of moving parts the Silo-Vent is extremely user friendly and requires very little maintenance thus ensuring years of trouble free operation.