HEPA Filters


    Factory-installed and factory-cured
    To create and preserve airtight seals
    Excellent bonding characteristics to many materials

Hepa Filter Module

    Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit your exacting requirements
    Fully manufactured in Australia to conform with the stringent performance requirements of AS 1386
    HEPA filters can be easily replaced from the clean air side within the work zone

HEPA Filters

    Lower Resistance to Airflow
    Low-cost option for applications that have a higher tolerance to variable air volume
    Each filter has guaranteed efficiencies and resistance to airflow

HEPA Holding Frames and Housings

    Used to accommodate VOKES Absolute filters with efficiency ranges of 95%, 99.97% and 99.99%
    Precision engineered for ease of installation and complete filtration integrity, each of the modular Microseal™
    All three systems are designed to meet a wide variety of applications such as field erected custom units, side access and laminar flow installations

Non-Metallic HEPA Filter

    Designed for applications where strict environmental controls are necessary
    Modules are individually tested for compliance with Australian Standards
    Contains no metal and is fully manufactured in Australia to conform with the performance requirements of AS 4260

TFP HEPA Filter Module

    Ultra-quiet version of low-profile fan-assisted modules
    Fan-assisted units to ensure clean, healthy air throughput your rooms.
    A range of configurations and sizes enables the system designer to select modules for any application

UCV Filtration Unit

    Designed for the busy Operating Theatre
    The UCV is easily retrofitted to the ceiling or within the ceiling void of existing operating theatres
    A controlled column of ultra clean air is delivered down over the operating table, your surgical team and their equipment