Rigid V-Cell Filters

Rigid V-Cell Air Filters are constructed from either plastic or metal casing and the filtration media inserts are of mini-pleat type and bonded to the casing using special polymers.

These types of filters range from Medium to High Efficiency and are used either as a final filter or pre-filter, especially suited to applications where high volume and reliability are essential.

Compact P-Pleat

Durable and economical, the Compact P-Pleat rigid filter bag is ideal for most HVAC applications. It is also suitable for use in industrial applications as a prefilter in high efficiency air filtration applications.

Reloadable V-Cell

Vokes Reloadable V-Cell Filters are a unique solution that are easily adaptable and can be configured with either carbon filter packs or medium to high efficiency filter media. The RVC has a low energy cost, low wastage and is easy to service making it a very economical choice while also providing a much lower environmental footprint than traditional V-Cell and Rigid Bag type filters.

Vokes Nano-V

The Vokes Nano-V air filters are a revolutionary new product that provides medium-high efficiency filtration using Nano-fibre technology.

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