Air Filtration


The Carbosorb range of filters are designed for use in conjunction with ventilation or air conditioning systems, to eliminate objectionable odours or chemicals in gaseous form.

Ceiling Mounted Filter Module

AES Environmental's Ceiling Mounted Filter Modules are designed for use in applications where high concentrations of airborne particles are encountered. The module is designed to fit above the ceiling, in the ceiling cavity.

Compact P-Pleat

Durable and economical, the Compact P-Pleat rigid filter bag is ideal for most HVAC applications. It is also suitable for use in industrial applications as a prefilter in high efficiency air filtration applications.

Deep Bed Filters

Suits non-Email / AES mounting systems.

Duovee & Triovee Filters

Duovee (2-pocket) and Triovee (3-pocket) filters are suitable for a wide range of general air conditioning applications in office, shopping centres, hotels, public buildings, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and other industries requiring clean conditions.


The DY Filter is a fixed panel dry arrestance type unit (also available as gel-coated) suitable for use in most air conditioning and ventilation systems.


The Econocell filter is a high-performance dry type, designed for use in semi-critical locations such as computer installations and prestige office buildings.

Electrostatic Agglomerator – Side Withdrawal

The AES Environmental side withdrawal agglomerator has been designed to provide high efficiency, low resistance filtration in situations where longitudinal space is limited.

Electrostatic Kitchen Exhaust Modules

AES Environmental Electrostatic kitchen exhaust modules (EKEM) have been designed specifically for the high efficiency removal of particulate and odour from commercial kitchen exhaust systems, enabling the treated air to be discharged without concern.

Email Activated Carbon and Alumina

High-performance Mark-2 media contains activated alumina that is entirely impregnated with precise blends of dynamic-oxidant chemicals before being formed into uniformly sized heavy-duty spheres.


Metal Viscous Oil Filter - Emmveo is a low maintenance self cleaning viscous impingement filter suitable for use in areas where high concentrations of large airborne particles are encountered.


The AES Environmental Filtoroll units are designed for use in limited operating period or low occupancy establishments.