Air Filtration


    Available in type 'AC'
    Eliminates odours or chemicals in gaseous form
    For use in conjunction with ventilation or air conditioning systems

Ceiling Mounted Filter Module

    Used in non critical areas
    For use in small applications
    Adjustable fan speeds available

Compact P-Pleat

    Durable and economical
    Disposable rigid bag filter
    Suitable for use in industrial applications as a prefilter

Duovee & Triovee Filters

    Low Pressure Drop
    Perfect as Pre-Filter
    High Dust Holding Capacity

DY Fixed Panel Filter

    Suitable in light industrial applications
      Suitable for use in most air conditioning and ventilation systems
      Suitable for use as a prefilter in high efficiency air filtration systems

Econocell High Efficiency Filter

    High performance dry type filters
    Designed for use in semi critical locations
    Durable and of a rigid construction providing a long-service life and consistent performance

Econocell Panel Filters

    For use in semi-critical locations
    High performance dry type filters
    Available in three efficiencies to suit a range of applications

Electrostatic Agglomerator – Side Withdrawal

    Consists of four major components
    The initial operating resistance of a side withdrawal agglomerator is 56Pa at rated capacity
    Designed to provide high efficiency, low resistance filtration in situations where longitudinal space is limited