The DY Filter is a fixed panel dry arrestance type unit (also available as gel-coated) suitable for use in most air conditioning and ventilation systems.


DY filters can be easily made up into banks to suit any given air capacity by riveting the holding frames together.

It is also suitable for use as a prefilter in high efficiency air filtration systems and in light industrial applications.


The DY filter consists of two basic parts – the mounting frame and the filter cell. The mounting frame has provision for mounting in banks and incorporates spring clips. The frame is constructed of aluminium or galvabond steel and is fitted with a sealing strip to avoid air leakage when the filter cell is in place.

Air filters shall be Email Air Handling DY or approved equal, surface area, fitted with synthetic fibre filtering material requiring no adhesives.

The filter shall withstand a minimum increase of 125Pa above initial resistance. The mounting frame shall be galvabond (or aluminium) to resist corrosion.

Service Pleats provide greater efficiency and longer service life than conventional flat panel filters, with service contracts being an excellent application for use.

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