Electrostatic Kitchen Exhaust Filters

Electrostatic Kitchen Exhaust Filters are an essential and often overlooked component of a commercial kitchen. Yet effective reduction of kitchen exhaust contamination is one of the major challenges in cities and for owners / operators. With our Electrostatic Filtration Technology. removal of grease, smoke, oil and steam from the kitchen exhaust system is easy and over 98% efficient.

Our Electrostatic Kitchen Exhaust Filters have been specifically designed for kitchen extract systems; they have integral sumps to collect the oil, grease and smoke particles filtered out of the exhaust. This not only simplifies servicing but eradicates potentially dangerous spillage from the bottom of the units and greatly cuts down on build-ups of grease within the ducting

ESP Kitchen Exhaust

    Energy Efficient, can be combined with UV-O and UV-C
    Eliminates up to 98% of oil, grease and smoke particles
    Greatly reduces grease build-up within the duct run

GW Grease Filter

    Low Resistance
    Light weight regenerable or washable panel unit
    GW filter is also suitable for for use as a general-purpose air filter for small applications