Filter Frames and Hardware

Ceiling Mounted Filter Module

    Used in non critical areas
    For use in small applications
    Adjustable fan speeds available

Filter Frames and Hardware

    Designed to be used with all HVAC air filter types
    Includes all parts for a correct Air Filter installation
    For all information regarding frames and hardware, see brochure

HEPA Absolute Mounting Frames

    Designed for use in single or multiple absolute type filter installations
    Designed to be easily joined together to create multiple banks of filter
    Each frame is supplied with four specially designed holding clamps

HEPA Holding Frames and Housings

    Used to accommodate VOKES Absolute filters with efficiency ranges of 95%, 99.97% and 99.99%
    Precision engineered for ease of installation and complete filtration integrity, each of the modular Microseal™
    All three systems are designed to meet a wide variety of applications such as field erected custom units, side access and laminar flow installations