Dust Collection

HCP Filter Cartridge

HCP dust filter cartridges open up new dimensions and possibilities in the design of modern dust extractors. Strong and hard wearing, the cartridges are designed for ‘pulse-jet’ cleaning.


The Welding Manufacturer's Association of Australia recommends that the level of welding fume in the welder's breathing zone should be less than 5mg per cubic metre.

90% filtration efficiency to 0.5 micron size, combined with effective ventilation, will result in concentrations well below 5mg per cubic metre.

Welding fumes comprise:

Residual dust associated with metal burning and electrode burning, typically in the 0.5 micron to 1.0 micron range.

Oxides in the 0.01 to 1.0 micron range but mainly toward the 1.0 micron end.

The Eaziflo's secret is its all-Australian designed "high efficiency filter system". This means extraction rates as high as 80%.

HCP Reverse Pulse

The HCP reverse pulse collector features leading edge technology star pleated, washable, polyester filters. By star-pleating the filter media maximum filter area is achieved.

Minipulse – Compact Dust Collector

The Mini Pulse is a powerful, compact, self-contained reverse pulse cartridge dust collector. Filtration is done by a 100% washable, polyester star pleated cartridge. Australian designed and manufactured to comply to O.C.H.S. standards. Ideal for every workshop, as a source capture, mobile air cleaner and dust collector. 


The Silo-Vent Reverse Pulse Dust Collector is available in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of many applications including cement, fly-ash, grains, limestone, sand and similar bulk storage handling materials