Dust Collection


    Exceeds standard
    Minimises Costs
    Removes gases and odours

HCP Filter Cartridge

    Strong and hard wearing
    Designed for ‘pulse-jet’ cleaning
    Opening up new dimensions and possibilities in the design of modern dust extractors

HCP Reverse Pulse

The HCP reverse pulse collector features leading edge technology star pleated, washable, polyester filters. By star-pleating the filter media maximum filter area is achieved.

Minipulse – Compact Dust Collector

    Dust is captured using high efficiency filtration
    Strong suction to capture dust and fumes
    Materials have excellent air permeability


    Highly efficient self cleaning filter
    Dust Removal in dust applications
    Meet the needs of many applications

Star-Pleated Dust Filter Cartridges

    Highly efficient
    Hard wearing and designed for ‘pulse-jet’ cleaning