Terminal HEPA Modules

HEPA Module

The VOKES HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter Modules are designed for use in critical applications where product manufacture, handling or packaging require an environment free of airborne contaminants.

Non-Metallic HEPA Filter

Non-Metallic HEPA Filter designed for applications where strict environmental controls are necessary. This module and HEPA contains no metals, therefore it's ideal for situations that include sensitive geological research, medical equipment that may be sensitive to metals or ballistics research.

TFP HEPA Filter Module

TFP modules are terminal HEPA filter plenums designed for ceiling installation in new cleanroom construction, or for upgrading existing rooms. Modules are suitable for use in ceilings of plasterboard or laminated-panel construction, and are supplied with fittings to facilitate installation.

UCV Filtration Unit

Reducing airborne bacteria in the operating theatre is a vital key to a successful surgery. Now you can cut dramatically the incidence of deep sepsis in orthopaedic surgery, with similar benefits in such fields as neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

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