Mechanical Filter Systems

Ceiling Mounted Filter Module

AES Environmental's Ceiling Mounted Filter Modules are designed for use in applications where high concentrations of airborne particles are encountered. The module is designed to fit above the ceiling, in the ceiling cavity.


Metal Viscous Oil Filter - Emmveo is a low maintenance self cleaning viscous impingement filter suitable for use in areas where high concentrations of large airborne particles are encountered.


The AES Environmental Filtoroll units are designed for use in limited operating period or low occupancy establishments.

Vokes Veelon Auto-Roll Media

Vokes Veelon Roll Filter Media is manufactured from a blend of synthetic fibres and supplied as loaded spools for the servicing of Automatic Roll Filters. Available as Veelon or Veelon Plus for higher efficiencies, a range of standard roll widths is available to suit most installations.

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