Mechanical Filter Systems

Ceiling Mounted Filter Module

    Designed for use in applications where high concentrations of airborne particles are encountered
    Fan can be fitted with a manually adjusted fan speed controller to vary the air flow as required
    The module is suited to small applications only, for use in non-critical areas


    Consists of three major parts
    The normal initial operating resistance of an Emmveo filter is 80Pa
    AES Environmental provides full air filter maintenance, replacement parts and servicing facilities


    For use in limited operating period or low occupancy establishments
    In-built pressure differential switch ensures a constant resistance
    Constant airflow

Vokes Veelon Roll

    Suitable for use at humidity levels of up to 100% 
    The media is laminated with a scrim to provide extra strength
    Supplied as loaded spools, studded or unstudded in selected widths

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