Ceiling Mounted Filter Module

    Used in non critical areas
    For use in small applications
    Adjustable fan speeds available

AES Environmental’s Ceiling mounted filter modules are designed for use in applications where high concentrations of airborne particles are encountered. The module is designed to fit above the ceiling, in the ceiling cavity. The registers and flexible ducting shown are not supplied with the module. 


The module is constructed from galvabond with two 300mm diameter spiggots on each end. The fan is a 230mm – 240 volt centrifugal blower. 


As these units have been designed around a standard module format they can be supplied with a number of combinations of filters to suit your requirements. E.G. In high dust load areas these units be fitted with a disposable cardboard pre-filter to prolong the life of the high efficiency final filter. 

Fan capacity 

The fan can be fitted with a manually adjusted fan speed controller to vary the air flow as required. 


The module is supplied with hanging rails suitable for hanging rods to attach to roof rafters or concrete slab, placing no load on the ceiling structure. It must be mounted to give sufficient access for the servicing of the filters by the removal of the access cover.   

Power Requirements 

Each module requires a 240 volt – 10 amp supply with power supplied by either the air-conditioning system or general power supply. 


The module is suited to small applications only, for use in non-critical areas. Multiple units may be installed in a common area. 

Maintenance & Service 

In all major population centres AES Environmental provides full filter maintenance, change over media, replacement parts and service facilities. 

Standard Specification 

Filter module will be an AES Environmental Ceiling Mounted Filter Module with a (Compact P F6 ) particulate filter and (optional) activated carbon adsorbtion filter. Module No. 1516- CMFM/2. Unit will include a 240 volt centrifugal blower c/w speed controller. 


Standard units will be 1100mm long x 600mm  

wide x 450mm high