Email Activated Carbon and Alumina

High-performance Mark-2 media contains activated alumina that is entirely impregnated with precise blends of dynamic-oxidant chemicals before being formed into uniformly sized heavy-duty spheres.

Intricate channels of Mark-2 air purification spheres extensively increases the chemical surface areas for the destruction of corrosives and contaminants.

Mark-2 HC media is the higher capacity variant of the two media types, offering double the Permanganate % by weight compared with standard-capacity Mark-2 media. The HCs’ performance is approximately 40% better than the standard Mark-2 spheres.


Email Air Handling activated carbon granules are designed for use in conjunction with ventilation systems to eliminate objectionable odours or chemicals in gaseous form from commercial kitchens, laboratories and industrial installations.


We do not recommend the use of activated carbon for the adsorption of flammable or toxic products.


AES Environmental uses the best available type of activated carbon, manufactured from coconut shell by a high temperature activation process and has a receptivity of 65% on carbon tetrachloride vapour test conditions.

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