Odour and Industrial Filtration


The Carbosorb range of filters are designed for use in conjunction with ventilation or air conditioning systems, to eliminate objectionable odours or chemicals in gaseous form.

GW Grease Filter

The GW air filter is a lightweight redeemable or washable panel unit especially designed for use in cooking exhaust systems. As acids present in the trapped greases of kitchen exhausts corrode ordinary steel, GW filters are constructed of acid-resistant aluminium throughout.

Inter-Carb Carbon Panel Filter

Clyde-Apac Inter-Carb is a compact and economical air filter that features low operating costs along with high dust holding capacity. The Inter-Carb features pleated carbon media that combines particulate and odour removal characteristics. The high dust holding capacity extends replacement intervals, and used as a prefilter, considerably lengthens the service life of other secondary filters in the system.

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