Semi Absolute Filters

Compact P-Pleat

    Durable and economical
    Disposable rigid bag filter
    Suitable for use in industrial applications as a prefilter

Econocell High Efficiency Filter

    High performance dry type filters
    Designed for use in semi critical locations
    Durable and of a rigid construction providing a long-service life and consistent performance


    Available in three efficiencies to suit a range of applications
    Meets the design requirements of today's variable air volume systems
    High performance dry-type filters, intended for use in semi-critical locations

Ionitron Electrostatic – Fourpeak Agglomerator

    For high efficiency filtration
    Combines the best features of both electrostatic and media type air filters
    Proving critical for the removal of carcinogenic diesel exhaust fumes associated with major roadways and freeways


    Disposable panel filter product
    Extremely durable
    All filters tested to AS1324.2.4-5: Air Filter Performance

Reloadable V-Cell

    Easy to service
    A unique solution that is easily adaptable
    Has a low energy cost, low wastage

Vokes Nano-V

    A fully disposable light rigid filter
    Provides medium-high efficiency filtration using Nano-fibre technology
    Additional pleat depth provides improved air flow