Ionitron Electrostatic – Fourpeak Agglomerator

The Email Air Handling Ionitron Fourpeak Agglomerator combines the best features of both electrostatic and media type filters.

The best areas for application are where atmospheric dust is dry and not duly concentrated. The Ionitron Agglomerator has been developed in Australia to suit local conditions and the needs of local users. Many years of experience has gone into the design, which offers superior agglomeration from its large cell design.

Email Air Handling can provide complete spare parts and service support for your existing Electrostatic filtration system.


The AES Environmental Fourpeak Agglomerator consists of four major components – the ionizer, the collector cell, the power pack and the Fourpeak filters. Dirty air enters through the ionizer, which consists of a number of fine tungsten wires suspended between flat ground electrodes. A strong electrostatic field is set up between the wires and ground plates by a 13kV DC supply from the power pack

At regular intervals, determined by local dust conditions, when the media has become loaded with dirt, the Fourpeak filter will need to be replaced. The collector cells will only require yearly inspection with a full strip and clean about every three years.

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