PCR Workstations

PCR Laminar Workstations assist in providing reliable results in clinical and diagnostic PCR work, it is necessary to maintain an ultra-clean work that is free from biological and particulate contamination.

Additionally, UV radiation is needed to destroy post-procedure contaminants. Clyde-Apac PCR60™ cabinets provide a high degree of protection for products and apparatus in PCR applications.

The PCR60R™ is a variant of the basic PCR cabinet and provides protection for both personnel and products. The PCR Bubble is a new system that is designed to be portable, the unit can be located in almost any laboratory setting.

PCR Bubble

    Easy to Clean and maintain
    Factory tested and validated
    ISO Class 5 Clean Air Environment 

PCR Series Laminar Flow Cabinet

    Provides a high degree of protection
    Designed for installation on standard laboratory benches
    Each unit is factory-tested and certified by a NATA-registered laboratory