PCR Bubble

    Easy to Clean and maintain
    Factory tested and validated
    ISO Class 5 Clean Air Environment 

The Air Bubble is a portable and elegant solution for laboratories that require a PCR Clean Work Station. provides a comfortable, easy to use use, easy to clean, HEPA filtered clean air environment for the preparation of PCR reagents. Integrated UV-C Germicidal Lamp provides effective bio decontamination and is designed to provide an enclosed environment for the handling of sensitive PCR reagents. PCR bubble operates as a positive pressure HEPA filtered system that creates a continual ISO Class 5 clean air blanket over the sample preparation area. 

The PCR Clean Work Station draws air from the laboratory and filters that air through a 2-stage filter system into the enclosure and back out to the laboratory. Airflow is monitored continuously to ensure that no airborne contaminants can enter the enclosure. In addition, a UV-C germicidal lamp tested to ensure a proven 254nm wavelength is available to provide bio-decontamination before and after use


  • ISO Class 5 Clean Air Environment 
  • UV-C Lamp as Standard 
  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Factory Tested and Validated 
  • Easy to Clean and maintain 
  • Easy to install 


  • Weight: 38kg 
  • Size: 800mm Width, 575mm Height and 750mm depth.
  • Base: 10mm Chemically Resistant, Process 
  • Modified Polypropylene 
  • Top: 6mm Chemically Resistant, Impact 
  • Modified Acrylic 
  • Extract Unit: White Powder Coated Steel 
  • Filter Module: White Powder Coated Steel 
  • UV-C Lamp: White Powder Coated Steel