Negative Air Fan Filter Module

    Typically used for asbestos removal
    Heavy duty direct drive fan with variable speed control for extended filter life
    Designed for use in applications where critical contaminants must be isolated

The Negative Air Fan Filter Modules are manufactured in Australia to conform with the performance requirements of AS2252.6. The robust cabinet houses a fan, pre-filter and a HEPA filter. This combination ensures the removal of airborne contamination by air drawn in by the fan and passing through the filters.


The HEPA filters are individually tested on a NATA accredited Hot DOP test rig to AS2252.6 and filter efficiency is always guaranteed. Hot DOP testing is an essential part of HEPA filter manufacture since only Hot DOP creates a fog of 0.3 micron particles to challenge the filters efficiency. To pass inspection each filter must achieve a minimum efficiency of 99.99%. The module HEPA filter is designed and tested to supply 566 l/s at an initial resistance of 250 Pa.


Email Air Handling Negative Air Fan Filter Modules must not be used where products and materials such as inflammable vapours and airborne biological agents present an exposure risk to personnel. 

Maintenance And Service 

Modules should be inspected and tested on-site: 

  • Before use.
  • After repairs.
  • When HEPA filter is renewed.

Such testing ensures conformity with AS4260. Both filters are serviced from the dirty air side. Replacement filters, spare parts and servicing facilities are available in all capital city’s. Suitable PPE must be worn when changing either of the filters, ensuring that the contaminated filters are disposed of correctly. 

How To Specify 

Filter unit shall be AES Environmental Negative Air Fan Filter Module. Unit model number 1687-1600/4 with a rated airflow of 566 L/s. Filter unit and replacement HEPA and pre-filters shall be manufactured in Australia. HEPA filters will be individually tested to AS1324 by a NATA accredited laboratory.