Biological Safety Cabinets

Clyde-Apac Class I, II and III Biological Safety Cabinets are designed and manufactured by AES Environmental in Minto, NSW. The cabinets are designed to meet the stringent Australian Standards and also recognised by International Standards for their robust construction and high-safety in operation.

Clyde-Apac Biological Safety Cabinets are exported to 30 different countries and supported by an experienced team of AES Environmental Service Engineers, Distributors and Agents.

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Air Barrier Containment Comparison

Comparison of AS1807.22 and AS1807.26

MK5 Series Safety Cabinets

The Mk5 Series of safety cabinets from AES Environmental. Designed and built in Australia, Email Air Handling cabinets are ideal for laboratories seeking reliable and easy to use equipment.

The Mk5 series is manufactured in Sydney, Australia and in full compliance of AS 2252.2, AES Environmental is NATA-accredited and complies with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification.

UltraSafe Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Introducing the new Utrasafe series of Biological Safety Cabinets by AES Environmental, as a long-established manufacturer of microbiological safety cabinets and cleanroom enclosures. With headquarters based in Minto, NSW, this addition to the AES Environmental range adds extra safety and increased focus on operator ergonomics.

Ultrasafe™60 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

The Ultrasafe™60 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet offers a compact solution without compromising on product, environment and operator comfort and safety.

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