Ultrasafe Class I Biological Safety Cabinet

    Ultrasafe Series Class 1 Biological Safety Cabinets provide class leading operator safety and performance
    with specially designed deep bed HEPA filters and superior ergonomic support through a clever window design
    low operational noise and specially designed lighting.

The Ultrasafe Series Class I Biological Safety Cabinet uses digital technology to maintain constant airflow during normal filter loading or temporary airflow obstruction from foreign objects. Our Pressure sensor monitoring ensures safe and uniform airflow across the entire work surface of the cabinet. We have added an Independent alarm systems immediately alert the user to any airflow obstruction. Our Ultrasafe Series cabinets have bespoke exhaust options to ensure the unit can be used for any room set-up!



Our Ultrasafe Class I Biological Safety Cabinet operations are effortlessly managed through low-voltage electronic touch controls (VDP) featuring a user-friendly digital display. Transparent UV-resistant safety glass on the side enhances interior illumination and visibility, creating a well-lit and spacious workspace.


User safety and comfort is paramount with all Clyde APAC manufactured Ultrasafe Class I Biological Safety Cabinets. The comfortable, 200mm front working aperture on the Ultrasafe does not compromise safety or sample containment while significantly reducing noise level. All our cabinets have been tested at nominal airflow velocities for added security.


Ultrasafe Series Class 1 Biosafety Cabinet utilizes a deep bed HEPA filter to maximize service life and provide the lowest-possible energy footprint. The single exhaust HEPA keeps on-going service and replacement costs low and is specifically designed for critical laboratory applications, with an efficiency rating of Grade 2 to AS 4260 or H14 to EN1822.


Traditional BSCs are known to bring about user discomfort and ergonomic risks, such as maintaining a fixed, extended posture, experiencing restricted visibility within the line of sight, and having inadequate knee/leg room beneath the cabinet.
The innovative Ultrasafe Series Classs I Biosafety cabinet has been meticulously designed with a slanted front, various work tray choices, and an optional electrically adjustable stand, delivering a vastly enhanced ergonomic user experience