Which Cabinet is Right For You?

If you are undecided on the type of cabinet that is required for your application then our handy cabinet selection guide can help to get you started. Just click through to find the solution that’s best for you.

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Formalin Dispensing Cabinet

The FDC multi-dispensing fume hood is a compact, recirculating fume cabinet that has been designed to provide operator safety and ease of use in laboratory applications



Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet

The ideal cabinet for your application is our Cytogard (Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet) which is suitable for use with cytotoxic chemicals.



Powder Containment Unit

Clyde-Apac PCU Series Cabinets have been developed to satisfy the requirements these applications, and provide the operator and local
environment protection from harmful particulate contamination



Ducted Fume Cupboard

The ideal solution for your application is a ducted fume cupboard. for more information get in contact with us for a specialised solution to suit your business. 


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LFC Cabinet

The LFC Series fume cabinet is a compact, recirculating fume cabinet that has been designed to provide operator safety and ease of use in laboratory applications. 



RFC Cabinet

RFC Series cabinets have been developed to protect laboratory staff and the environment from toxic vapours, gases, fumes and particles.



Ultrasafe Class II

The Class II Ultrasafe cabinets use digital technology to maintain constant airflow during normal filter loading or temporary airflow obstruction from foreign objects. 

In operation, vertical laminar airflow through a HEPA filter bathes the work tray, dividing and passing around the perimeter to create a biologically clean work area.



Ultrasafe Class I

The Ultrasafe class I is designed as modular workstations for use in laboratory applications, our cabinets protects the operator from the risks posed by biological agents while providing contaminant-free work zones for the protection of cultures and samples.



HWS Laminar Flow

In HWS cabinets, air is passed through the work zone in a smooth, horizontal direction, the blower fan and mounting position are designed to maximize airflow. The deeper rear plenum ensures unobstructed airflow to the HEPA filter face. As a result, the cabinet is quieter with reduced vibration and longer service life for the HEPA filter.



VWS Laminar Flow

In VWS cabinets, a portion of the laminar flow air recirculates to the top plenum to give better airflow control and minimise turbulence in
the work area. This also increases the HEPA filter service life.



Downflow Booth

Maxi-Safe Laminar Flow Booths are the optimal solution, when it is necessary to offer an economical solution to a wide range of processing application