Air Filtration

Multipeak Filters

The Multipeak deep bed air filter is a compact and economical general-purpose filter, ideal for applications where medium to high efficiency filtration is required, with its series of wedge shaped pockets providing excellent dust holding capacity.

Negative Air Fan Filter Module

Email Air Handling Negative Air Fan Filter Modules are designed for use in applications where critical contaminants must be isolated. Typically used for asbestos removal.


P-Pleat is a disposable panel filter product that uses 100% polypropylene as the filtering media.


Email Air Handling / Vokes Paint-Stop media captures paint overspray and prevents it from being discharged into spray booth exhaust systems. It is suitable for the collection of all types of paint overspray, irrespective of the solvent type and including vitreous enamel.

PCU Series

The Email PCU is a specialist air filtration product, designed for use in office buildings, pubs and clubs, commercial buildings or any other room requiring the removal of cigarette smoke and odours.

Pyracone & Pyracube Filters

Pyracone and Pyracube deep bed filters are ideal general-purpose filters for applications where high efficiency and long duty cycles are required. Both filters offer superior performance to typical roll type and metal viscous filters.

Re-loadable V-Cell

With 63 Pascal at 3.400 m3/h, the V-Cell F7 outperforms every energy rating.

Roll Media & Cut Pads

Email Air Handling bulk roll filter media is suitable for dry arrestance applications. The range includes a variety of media grades, compositions and depths to suit the specific requirements of different air handling environments.

Service Pleats

The Service Pleat is a replaceable pleated media cartridge that fits standard "U" channel holding frames.

TFP HEPA Filter Module

TFP modules are terminal HEPA filter plenums designed for ceiling installation in new cleanroom construction, or for upgrading existing rooms. Modules are suitable for use in ceilings of plasterboard or laminated-panel construction, and are supplied with fittings to facilitate installation.

UCV Filtration Unit

Reducing airborne bacteria in the operating theatre is a vital key to a successful surgery. Now you can cut dramatically the incidence of deep sepsis in orthopaedic surgery, with similar benefits in such fields as neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

Univee 2 Filters

Vokes Univee 2 provides a high dust holding capacity with a blended filtration media that aids in AES Environmentals commitment to bringing you the very best in Air Filtration solutions.