V-Pleat Panel Filters

    Fit most standard mounting systems
    Suitable for heavy-duty applications
    Available in all industry standard sizes

New from AES Environmental, the V-Pleat Panel Air Filter is suitable for Heavy-duty applications, where higher air flow volume requires a stronger frame than disposable-type air filters. 

Economical and Durable

The filter media consists of a polyester cotton blend material bonded to a wire grid system designed to ensure maximum air flow and reduced resistance. The media is enclosed in a rigid, heavy-duty Vee-form galvanised frame. Vertical wire support members between pleats ensures maximum pleat stability is achieved.

Designed for any application

V-Pleat Panel Filters fit most standard mounting systems and are easily made up into banks suitable for any given air capacity. Optional mounting frames are available and are easily assembled into banks by bolting or riveting them together. The filter is then clipped into the mounting frame and held in place. These filters are available in all industry standard sizes, and come in two depths; 50 mm (2″) and 100 mm (4″). Local manufacture also means that special sizes are available, please contact our sales team for details.


This filter is manufactured in Australia using state of the art equipment and conforms to the highest quality standards. This means quicker delivery times and lower costs for the customer, as well as a wider product range with custom or modified products.


Standard Specification 

Air filters shall be Email Air Handling V-Pleat or approved equal, size (specify HxWxD), fitted with synthetic fibre filtering material. 

Support: The media shall be supported by an expanded diamond grid that allows not less than 98% open area. The grid to be chemically bonded to the filter media to prevent the media from pulling away and to eliminate media oscillation. The grid is to use a radial V design to ensure full utilisation of the filter media. 

Enclosing frame: shall be a rigid, galvanised steel construction, Incorporating vertical wire supports between pleats to ensure maximum pleat stability. 

Mounting frame: The mounting frame shall be made from 1.0mm galvanised steel with a soft foam gasket to prevent air by-pass. The design shall incorporate clips to hold the filter firmly in place. 



Air filters shall be Email Air Handling V50 (or V100) or approved equal, surface area, fitted with synthetic fibre filtering material.

At rated capacity, average efficiency by AS1324.2. The filter shall withstand a minimum increase of 125Pa above initial resistance.

The mounting frame shall be galvabond steel (aluminium optional) to resist corrosion.