Air Filtration


The V-Form filter is a fixed panel dry arrestance type unit suitable for use in most air conditioning and ventilation systems.


New from AES Environmental, the V-Pleat Panel Air Filter is suitable for Heavy-duty applications, where higher air flow volume requires a stronger frame than disposable-type air filters.

Vokes Nano-V

The Vokes Nano-V air filters are a revolutionary new product that provides medium-high efficiency filtration using Nano-fibre technology.

Vokes Univee 4 Filters

The Multipeak deep bed air filter is a compact and economical general-purpose filter, ideal for applications where medium to high efficiency filtration is required, with its series of wedge shaped pockets providing excellent dust holding capacity.

Vokes Vee Glass

The Vokes Vee Glass range is a compact and economical air filter that features low operating costs along with high dust holding capacity.

Vokes Veelon Auto-Roll Media

Vokes Veelon Roll Filter Media is manufactured from a blend of synthetic fibres and supplied as loaded spools for the servicing of Automatic Roll Filters. Available as Veelon or Veelon Plus for higher efficiencies, a range of standard roll widths is available to suit most installations.

Water Mist Eliminator

The Email Air Handling Water Mist Eliminator effectively removes water or oil mist, fog and droplets from new or recirculated airflow.