Gel-Seal Filter to Frame Sealant

Gel-Seal is a unique, ice-blue silicone gel specifically designed to create and preserve an airtight seal between high-efficiency particulate air filters and their holding frames or housings.

The gel is factory-installed and factory-cured in the perimeter channels channels of filters designed for fluid seal applications. The cured gel has the self-healing qualities of a liquid while retaining the stability and non-flow characteristics of a solid.

These properties are maintained at both high and low temperature extremes and are not lost even when aged continuously at high temperatures.

Gel-Seal exhibits excellent bonding characteristics to many materials, it is also highly self-adhesive, allowing knife edges and filter skirts to be cleanly withdrawn. The hydrophobic nature of the gel makes it ideally suited for applications that require long-term sealing against moisture and other atmospheric contaminates.

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