PPC Series

    Designed for portable pollution control
    Ideal for the use of unpleasant odour removal
    Each unit is designed to deliver a maximum of 566 L/S

The Email PPC is a specialist air filtration product, designed for Portable Pollution Control  ideal for use in office buildings, pubs and clubs, commercial buildings or any other room requiring the removal of unpleasant odour and particulates. Made in Australia, the PPC is a derivative from the Email Negative Air Unit, which is used for the removal of critical containments, such as Asbestos.

Each unit is designed to deliver a maximum of 566 L/S. The units can be safely stacked together in order to increase volume for use in larger areas. They can be supplied with a range of accessories, duct attachments and louvres for adaptation to any environment.

The Portable Pollution Control system is supplied with wheels in order to facilitate ease of relocation. Wheel locaters are also attached to the unit to enable them to be stacked safely. Fan speed controller and a 240-volt power socket (for connection to mains via extension lead) are also fitted as standard items.

The metal casing houses a prefilter, an activated carbon filter and a fan. Air is drawn into the unit through the 100% polypropylene prefilter before being passed through layers of activated carbon. This activated carbon effectively traps any odours and gasses in the airflow by chemical reaction with the carbon granules.