Industrial ESP Range

ESP Industrial 2000/4000 model

Industrial ESP suitable for the removal of oil, smoke and mist, whilst utilising electrostatic precipitation technology.

The Electrostatic Process

The ESP Industrial Range utilises Electrostatic precipitation technology to allow particulates such as mist, oil and smoke to be filtered out of the air. As the dirty air passes through the combined ioniser/collector cell, particulates within the airstream become polarised. These polarised particulates are repelled away from the positively charged plates, and instead attracted to the earthed plates.

Key Features of the Industrial ESP Range

  • Eliminates up to 99 % of oil mist, fumes and smoke particles
  • Filters particles down to submicron levels
  • Modular in design
  • Designed for industrial application
  • Minimal services required

Model Specifications

ESP 600/1000

Product Specifications for industrial ESP 600/1000

Esp 2000/4000

Product Specifications for Industrial ESP 2000/4000

ESP Centralised – Fit within workshop Ducting

Product Specifications For ESP Centralised