Fresh Air Intake

Vokes Vee Glass

The Vokes Vee Glass range is a compact and economical air filter that features low operating costs along with high dust holding capacity.


New from AES Environmental, the V-Pleat Panel Air Filter is suitable for Heavy-duty applications, where higher air flow volume requires a stronger frame than disposable-type air filters.


The V-Form filter is a fixed panel dry arrestance type unit suitable for use in most air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Univee 2 Filters

Vokes Univee 2 provides a high dust holding capacity with a blended filtration media that aids in AES Environmentals commitment to bringing you the very best in Air Filtration solutions.

TFP HEPA Filter Module

TFP modules are terminal HEPA filter plenums designed for ceiling installation in new cleanroom construction, or for upgrading existing rooms. Modules are suitable for use in ceilings of plasterboard or laminated-panel construction, and are supplied with fittings to facilitate installation.


Email Air Handling / Vokes Paint-Stop media captures paint overspray and prevents it from being discharged into spray booth exhaust systems. It is suitable for the collection of all types of paint overspray, irrespective of the solvent type and including vitreous enamel.

Negative Air Fan Filter Module

Email Air Handling Negative Air Fan Filter Modules are designed for use in applications where critical contaminants must be isolated. Typically used for asbestos removal.


The Interfold is a compact and economical air filter that features low operating costs along with high dust holding capacity. The Interfold is totally disposable.

HEPA Module

Email HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter Modules are designed for use in critical applications where product manufacture, handling or packaging require an environment free of airborne contaminants.

HEPA Holding Frames and Housings

The Microseal™ filter retaining systems are available in three distinct styles: the Microseal™ frame, the Microseal™ grid and the Microseal™ pack; designed for field assembled built-up filter banks, factory fabricated built-up banks or side access requirements, respectively, all systems are modular and sized to suit requirements.

HEPA Filters

The Email Air Handling HEPA filter is Australia's market-leading high efficiency filter. Manufactured in Australia to stringent performance requirements of AS 4260, each filter is individually tested and certified for your assurance of quality.