Vokes Vee Glass

The Vokes Vee Glass range is a compact and economical air filter that features low operating costs along with high dust holding capacity.

Vokes Vee Glass filters are a traditional Vokes Air Filtration product of Australia. They are designed to give a high-dust holding capacity in general air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Vee Glass Media

Vokes Vee Glass Media is manufactured as a continuous glass filament. Vokes Vee-Glass was developed to provide a highly stable filtration media at a G3 rating.

The media has multi-stage filtration characteristics, with an open structure on the intake face graduating in density to an laminate backing on the downstream side

The open structure of the upstream side discourages surface loading and promotes depth filtration, ensuring a high dust holding capacity and minimising resistance to airflow.

The denser backing provides fine filtration, while minimising the carry-over of media fibres and collected dirt.

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