Capture Hood

    Provides an added protection
    Requires Regular testing
    Safety barrier for air containment

Contained Storage Ventilation (CSV) Cabinet

    Available in a variety of configurations
    Provide a safe space for storage of laboratory containers that may emit noxious odours
    Each cabinet is factory-tested to ensure compliance with relevant Australian standards

HWS Series Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets

    Provide a high degree of protection
    Demanded by medical, pharmaceutical and scientific fields.
    Do not protect personnel from aerosols of hazardous materials that may be handled in the cabinet

IVF Series Laminar Flow Cabinets

    Provide an ISO Class 5 environment
    Used in human and animal reproduction
    Minimises microbial contamination in the aseptic handling of gametes and embryos

Maxi-Safe Laminar Flow Booth

    On-site repairs are included in our service
    Prevents cross contamination in the work area
    Laminar air-flow bathes the internal work zone with clean air which has been filtered through Grade H14 HEPA filters


Pharma-safe is a fully welded HEPA module suitable for highly critical applications including PC3/PC4 Laboratories, pharmaceutical cleanrooms and downlow applications. These modules are specially engineered to AS 4260, AS 1386, and ISO 14644 standards.

Powder Containment Unit

The Powder Containment Unit (PCU) is a specialist air filtration product, designed for use in laboratories and commercial applications where there is a powder hazard that may be present. Made in Australia, PCU affords the operator safety by extracting the air through a Pre-Filter and H14 HEPA Filter before exhausting purified air in the laboratory or through a duct connection

Reloadable V-Cell

    Easy to service
    A unique solution that is easily adaptable
    Has a low energy cost, low wastage

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