UV-C’s ability to disinfect and degrade organic material is well established in both research and application (ASHRAE, Science, GSA and the CDC). UV-C systems are also one of the industry’s most favoured maintenance and energy tools. Besides uses for disinfecting air streams, their principal use is in keeping coils, drain pans, and other internal services free of microbes, and organic dirt and grime — materials that produce odour, reduce airflow and cooling capacity, and, thus, affect occupant productivity!

UV Decontamination is one of the most effective ways to disinfect and degrade organic material. UV Decontamination is supported by research from ASHRAE, GSA and the CDC. UV-C systems play an important role in the maintenance cycle of HVAC systems, supporting the Air Filters in their duty of keeping the coils clean, reducing expensive maintenance costs and higher energy/operational costs.  


X-Plus installs from the exterior of A/C equipment or ductwork. It’s perfect for hard to access outdoor and indoor equipment. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally by making a simple 25mm hole for the lamp, and it properly attaches to surfaces with self-drilling screws (included). 


The X-Plus™ combines high performance and simplicity in a single-ended lamp device that can be installed almost anywhere UV-C is needed. Exceptional safety features include a lockable entry for outdoor pedestrian areas (through-the-wall units – such as schools, etc.) and two power interlocks to preclude exposure and electrical shock. X-Plus can be used in airstreams of 1–77°C, 100% RH, and any velocity. Its NEMA 4X design is perfect for rooftop, through-the-wall, and other outdoor units. Versatile lamp lengths of 17 to 61 inches make it perfect for use on both small and large AHUs. 


Contact the AES Environmental Service Team for installation or maintenance of your existing UV-C systems, Air Filters, Cleanrooms and Laminar products.  

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