Can act as a power on/off indicator
    A continuous current-monitoring UV Lamp Control
    Can be used with almost any lamp/ballast combination

The UV-Com is a continuous current-monitoring UV Lamp Control that can also act as a power on/off indicator. It provides a direct-readout green LED that relates the on/off state of an installed UV-C lamp and corresponding ballast. It’s no longer necessary to directly access and look at UV-C lamps in use. 

The UV-Com UV Lamp Control is equipped with a 0-5 Vdc analogue output connection point to provide the building operator with a remote signal for monitoring the on/off performance of a UV-C through a building management system. The signal informs the Building Management System that each ballast and lamp is operational. The UV-Com is warranted for 5 years. 

In-Duct UV 

UV Decontamination is one of the most effective ways to disinfect and degrade organic material. UV Decontamination is supported by research from ASHRAE, GSA and the CDC. UV-C systems play an important role in the maintenance cycle of HVAC systems, supporting the Air Filters in their duty of keeping the coils clean, reducing expensive maintenance costs and higher energy/operational costs.  

The UV-Com system provides a method of effectively monitoring and controlling UV Lamps ensuring the operator receives the most efficient solution.  


The UV-Com can be used with almost any lamp/ballast combination. When installed between a lamp and ballast, the CU2 produces a 0-5 Volt signal alerting the BMS if the lamp or ballast fails. Its unique design allows it to pick up the current flowing between the ballast and lamp is inductively converts it to a linear 0-5 Volt output signal with no moving parts or components to fail. That signal can be monitored by any system capable of accepting it. It instantly, accurately, and reliably instructs the BMS or other device of the status of the lamp or ballast.