Multi-peak Filters

    Low Operation Cost
    Compact and Economical General-Purpose Filter
    Simple Servicing

The Multi-peak filters are a compact and economical general-purpose filter, ideal for applications where medium efficiency filtration is required, with its series of wedge-shaped pockets providing excellent dust holding capacity. 

Low operation cost: High dust holding capacity results in a long duty cycle. 

No separate mounting frame: multi-Peak filters can be made up into banks suitable for any given air capacity with the mounting frames being easily bolted or riveted together. 

Simple servicing: The media is easily removed from the frame, ready for replacing with a new piece. 

Single plane sealing: Maintenance personnel can visually check the seal between the media and frame. 

The Multi-peak filter consists of three basic parts: the filter media, an “outer” mounting frame assembly, and an ‘inner’ wire retaining frame. It is available in standard full (610x610mm) and half (610x305mm) sizes, in both standard and reverse flow configurations. Different media grades are also available to suit your specific filtering requirements. 



Multi-peaks are formed to shape and sewn using multiple polyester threads with the full size MP22 being a 3-pocket configuration and the half size MP21 having 2 pockets. 

The outer mounting frame is steel with the inner frame being of wire construction. Integral clips clamp both the inner frame and media to the mounting frame. 

A powder coating on both the mounting and inner frames prevents corrosion, with the resulting smooth surface minimising the possibility of media snagging when being serviced. Stainless steel and Galvabond construction are also available. 

Maintenance & Service 

AES Environmental provides filter maintenance, replacement media, spare parts and servicing facilities Australia-wide. 

When maintenance is required, it is simply carried out with the inner wire basket of the assembled filter being removed by disengaging the clips and withdrawing it from the mounting frame. 

When the new media is being installed, it is fitted over the inner frame with the assembly being inserted back into the mounting frame. Correct fitting ensures a seal is formed between the media and the mounting frame. 


Multi-peak filters are easily made up into banks using standard 610×610 (MP22) and 305×610 (MP21) module sizes. To prevent air by-pass, a suitable sealant should be used between mounting frames and duct walls. 

Where the bank height exceeds 2 metres it is recommended that continuous stiffening bars be installed vertically between alternate rows of frames. 

How to Specify 

Air filters shall be Email Air Handling Multi-peak or approved equal, 610 x 610 face dimensions, 0.944m3/s capacity, fitted with (specify media type) media. At rated capacity, average efficiency test procedure shall be not less than (see chart) % with a dust-holding capacity increase of at least (see chart) g. Current AS1324-compliant test report should be available and supplied on request. Mounting frame and inner frame shall be coated (or specify Galvabond / Stainless steel) to resist corrosion. 

Filters are tested to AS1324.2.4 and 5.

Test laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia. Accreditation number 13213.

Performance tests are conducted at least once every 5 years within a controlled environment in accordance with NATA and Australian Standards requirements

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