Ionitron Washdown Electrostatic Air Filter

The AES Environmental Ionitron units are designed for use in applications where savings on long-term building maintenance is sought and high efficiency filtration is required.

The AES Environmental Ionitron electrostatic air filter consists of three major components – the ionizer, the collector cell, the power pack and on automatic models, the washing header.


Dirty air enters through the ionizer, which consists of a number of fine tungsten wires suspended between flat ground electrodes. A strong electrostatic field is set up between the wires and the ground plates by a 13kV DC supply from the power pack. The field is sufficiently strong to charge every particle that then passes through the collector cell that has parallel plates alternatively charged to 6.5kV DC by the power pack. The charged particles are attached to the plates where a special adhesive coating holds them.

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