GW Grease Filter

The GW air filter is a lightweight redeemable or washable panel unit especially designed for use in cooking exhaust systems. As acids present in the trapped greases of kitchen exhausts corrode ordinary steel, GW filters are constructed of acid-resistant aluminium throughout.

When treated with a special adhesive oil, the GW filter is also suitable for for use as a general-purpose air filter for small applications.


In both applications (Grease Filter/Air Filter), the honeycomb media design provides extremely low resistance to airflow as well as ease of cleaning.

Email Air Handling provides full filter maintenance, exchange service and servicing facilities in all major population centres of Australia. Fixed Panel Air Filter – Grease filters must be cleaned regularly to minimise the possibility of collected grease dropping back in semi-liquid form off the cell. Cleaners containing caustic must not be used as they will attack the aluminium from which the unit is made.

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