Our Clyde-Apac CG2000 Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet (CDSC) was first produced in Australia in the late 1980’s. This model has only seen minor changes throughout the years with updates applied to the design as standards have developed. New technology has been introduced for the control system and fans, improving energy efficiency and ease of operation.

Fundamentally the series remains the same, tried and tested throughout the years and still as popular as ever. AES recently won a project for the supply of CDSC’s to the new childrens hospital in Perth along with projects in South Australia. This year AES has exported its CG2000 to 10 different countries, this has been a boost to our Australian Manufacturing and it demonstrates just how highly considered the Australian Standards are.


Ozone generators are becoming increasingly popular in IAQ applications. This is against the recommendations of the NSW Health Department who have issued a statement on the potentially harmful consequences of using ozone to treat contaminated air. Ozone generators are particularly common in Kitchen Exhaust applications

AES Environmental manufactures a kitchen exhaust system (EKEM) that utilises electrostatic precipitators, particulate and gas-phase filters that are just as suitable and won’t produce the toxic gasses that some other systems can.

IAQ is a serious matter and many serious chronic diseases are being attributed to air pollution. We have several solutions to help you improve your IAQ, If you would like some additional information or some assistance with your air filtration, please contact your nearest AES office.




Can you locate your buildings air filters − how often are they checked?

Do your staff members complain of a “stuffy” working environment?

Did you know poorly maintained filtration systems can increase your operating costs?

Ever wondered why coils and ducts become dirty in the first place?

Improving your filtration can reduce duct and coil cleaning costs with over 80% of poor filtration in HVAC systems is not caused by the filters’ efficiency, but deficient retaining systems, sealing arrangements and filter selection are generally the cause.

Improving filter efficiency can decrease your pressure differences resulting in significantly lower operating costs.

Email Air Handling has a large service network to cater for statewide and national service contracts.

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