Vokes Veelon Auto-Roll Media

Vokes Veelon Roll Filter Media is manufactured from a blend of synthetic fibres and supplied as loaded spools for the servicing of Automatic Roll Filters. Available as Veelon or Veelon Plus for higher efficiencies, a range of standard roll widths is available to suit most installations.


When treated with a special adhesive oil, the GW filter is also suitable for for use as a general-purpose air filter for small applications.


Vokes Veelon and Veelon Plus media are available as loaded spools, for the servicing of Automatic Roll Filters.

Email Handling / Vokes Filtration Technology

  • Roll widths suit all small & large range Vokes Automatic Roll Filters
  • Refills available for most other manufacturers Automatic Roll Filters
  • Supplied as loaded spools, studded or unstudded
  • Two grades Veelon or Veelon Plus for higher efficiencies
  • Synthetic fibres are blended together to provide efficient depth filtration and minimise fibre shredding
  • Suitable for use at humidity levels up to 100%

Email Air Handling provides full filter maintenance, exchange service and servicing facilities in all major population centres of Australia. Fixed Panel Air Filter – Grease filters must be cleaned regularly to minimise the possibility of collected grease dropping back in semi-liquid form off the cell. Cleaners containing caustic must not be used as they will attack the aluminium from which the unit is made.

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