The Silo-Vent Reverse Pulse Dust Collector is available in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of many applications including cement, fly-ash, grains, limestone, sand and similar bulk storage handling materials



Sonic Pulse Silo Vent Dust collectors are designed for rapid, trouble free silo filling and are suitable for handling the airflows and environmental conditions associated with the cement industry. 

For new installations and replacement of existing “Green Bag” units, the Sonic Pulse Silo Vent or Stubbie is a self cleaning, reverse pulse unit with no moving parts and practically no maintenance. 

The Stubbie comes in three sizes being the Midi (9 filter socks), Schooner (16 filter socks) and Tankard (28 filter socks). 

The Stubbie mounts directly over the hole left by an existing Green Bag system. If desirable, the Stubbie can be fitted with Clyde-Apac’s “Silo Saver” and overflow pipes to protect both silo and silo vent from any over pressure



The Stubbie has a cylindrical body rolled from 3mm thick mild steel. 

The complete reverse pulse cleaning mechanism forms part of the Stubbie’s hinged cup lid which provides immediate access to the filter socks. The filter socks can be changed without the use of tools. The cleaning mechanism incorporates “Sonic Nozzles” which ensure superior cleaning. 

The dust collector’s body divides into two flanged parts. The bottom part is welded in place into the silo, with the top half being raised up and bolted in position. 

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