Service Pleats

    Low operating costs
    Installs in seconds
    Excellent dust holding capacity


The element is manufactured from the same non-woven reinforced cotton/synthetic media as the Interfold panel filters.


Air Filtering systems may now be economically upgraded to a medium efficiency filter while still utilising existing pad holding frames.


The Service Pleat installs in seconds without special loading tools or the requirement of special clips on gate assemblies. Service Pleats seals top and bottom with an average of filter media and “friction” fits at the inner edge of the holding frame eliminating air bypass.

Service Pleats are available in nominal 50mm in E-Pleat media with average efficiencies of 30%, and Ultrapleat media with clean efficiency of 20%+. 100mm depths and custom sizes are also made to order.

Service Pleats provide greater efficiency and longer service life than conventional flat panel filters, with service contracts being an excellent application for use.