Pyracone & Pyracube Filters

    Deep Bed Filters
    Ideal for General-Purpose Filters
    Offer Superior Performance to Typical Roll Type and Metal Viscous Filters

Pyracone and Pyracube deep bed filters are ideal general-purpose filters for applications where high efficiency and long duty cycles are required. Both filters offer superior performance to typical roll type and metal viscous filters. 

The key to the excellent performance of these filters is their shape. Pyracubes are aPyramid within a cube in construction, while Pyracone is a cone within a truncated cone. 

The design of the Pyracone and Pyracube filters are registered and patents have been granted. 

The main difference between the two configurations is that the Pyracube with its’ square outer construction provides a higher dust holding capacity. 

Pyracubes’ lower initial pressure differential allows longer periods between servicing especially in remote locations such as transmission stations, and heavily dust-laden areas that require higher efficiency performance levels. 


Construction Details 

Pyracone and Pyracube filters consist  

of three basic parts: 

– the filter media 

– a mounting frame assembly which  

incorporates the “outer” media wire retaining basket 

– an “inner” wire retaining basket. 


The media is formed to shape and sewn with polyester thread. In the Pyracone PCO22/24, the configuration of the media is a cone within a truncated cone. In the Pyracube PC22/24, the configuration of the media is pyramid within a cube. 

The height of the inner piece of each filter is equal to the overall filter depth so that the apex is in the same plane as the open-air side. 

Half-size Pyracone and Pyracube models are also available, which have similar construction with face dimensions cut in half.  

Mounting frame is constructed from galvanized steel. The inner frame is of all-wire construction and incorporates handles to facilitate removal. Formed clips affixed to the 

mounting frame snap over the handles to hold the inner frame securely in place. The retaining clips cannot be snapped over the handles until the inner basket is completely inserted. 

All filters tested to AS1324.2.4 and 5:

Air Filter Performance

Test laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia. Accreditation number 13213.

Performance tests are conducted within a controlled environment in accordance with NATA and Australian Standards requirements