Air Barrier Containment Comparison

Comparison of AS1807.22 and AS1807.26

A comparison of AS1807.22 and AS1807.26-2004 was conducted independently by Maged Shenouda and Sherry Randhawa of the Institute of Medical and Verterinary Science, Adelaide, South Australia and the Flinders University of South Australia, Faculty of Science and Engineering in partnership with the IMVS.

An Air Barrier in a Class II BSC protects the operator from the potentially dangerous product contained within the working zone of the cabinet while it also protects the product from any contamination from outside the work zone. It is one of the more critical aspects of a Class II cabinet and for many years Australia has led the world in its approach to the Air Barrier, with inferior designs failing on-site certification process.

The comparison looked at the technical aspects of the AS1807.22 and AS1807.26-2004 standards. From the comparison performed, Aersol liquid test (AS1807.22) provide better qualitative method of testing the air barrier. KI discus test (AS1807.26) should not be carried out at any laboratory since it could contaminate the work within the actual laboratory, in contrast to Aersol Test (AS1807.22) which does not interfere with other laboratory work.

Clyde Apac and Email Cytotoxic and Class II cabinets are all manufactured to meet the compliance criteria of AS1807.22, Aerosol test method.


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