Inter-Carb Carbon Panel Filter

    Effective against removing typical unpleasant odours
    Designed for applications where both odour and particulate control are required
    Filter media is a blend of synthetic fibers impregnated with activated carbon that affords the owner flexibility

PPC Series

    Designed for portable pollution control
    Ideal for the use of unpleasant odour removal
    Each unit is designed to deliver a maximum of 566 L/S

Reloadable V-Cell

    Easy to service
    A unique solution that is easily adaptable
    Has a low energy cost, low wastage

Single Lamp High Output UV



    Can act as a power on/off indicator
    A continuous current-monitoring UV Lamp Control
    Can be used with almost any lamp/ballast combination


    Installs from the exterior of A/C equipment or ductwork
    It’s perfect for hard to access outdoor and indoor equipment
    Combines high performance and simplicity in a single-ended lamp device