Fume Cupboards

RFC Portable Fume Cabinet

RFC Series cabinets have been developed to protect laboratory staff and the environment from toxic vapours, gases, fumes and particles. The cabinets are designed and manufactured to fully comply with Australian Standard AS2243.9: Recirculating Fume Cabinets.

LFC Portable Fume Cabinet

The LFC Series fume cabinet is a compact, recirculating fume cabinet that has been designed to provide operator safety and ease of use in laboratory applications. Capture of fumes is achieved by inward airflow at a velocity of > 0.5 m/s and carbon filtration of exhaust air. The upper housing contains the mains switch, low-airflow alarm, speed control and carbon filter.

Contained Storage Ventilation (CSV) Cabinet

Clyde-Apac CSV safe storage cabinets are designed to contain laboratory chemical fumes (including formalin) and other odours given off by specimen jars and bottles during storage.