Powder Containment Unit Work Station

The Powder Containment Unit (PCU) series cabinets are designed for the use in environments where particulates require protection from the exposure of aerosols, as well as minimising the risks of contamination and cross-contamination. These are suitable in situations such as pharmaceutical and chemical industries where sampling and manufacturing takes place, where the process involves oestrogenic or androgenic materials, antibiotics, toxic or other hazardous powders.

The Clyde Apac PCU series cabinets have been developed to provide operator and local environment protection form harmful particulate contamination. The PCU series cabinets are room recirculating and provide a bench mounted solution for weighing and powder containment. The PCU cabinet series has been designed with a leak-free stainless steel work zone that ensures a work area that is easy to clean. Additional UV lamps can be installed to prevent cross- contamination and facilitate multi-use and the work zone is conveniently fitted with splash proof power points.

The H14 HEPA filters filter 99.995% of 0.3μm size particles and are replaceable through the work zone so that the unit does not have to be frequently relocated. The Cabinet is configurable and can also be fitted with an additional odour/gaseous exhaust filtration system. 

User Friendly

The PCU cabinet has been developed to provide the operator and local environment protection from harmful particulate contamination. In addition the functions of the cabinet are simply controlled by low-voltage electronic touch controls with an easy to read digital display.

Our PCU cabinets are built with a low-voltage control panel located at the front of the unit, that cab be used to control the fans, light, power outlets and the optional UV. in addition it provides a boost button, which can be activated in the event of a spillage.  

Ergonomic design and construction

Scratch-free, high quality stainless steel work surfaces are available as single or segmented modules and are easy to clean or autoclave.Durable welded galvanised-steel construction with a special powder coated finish that is anti-corrosive and developed for laboratory and industrial applications. Design of the cabinets and service-access panels minimises the number of joins in the work zone and facilitates safe maintenance. 

Standard units have variable-speed, direct-drive fans. On standard units, they are located in the air stream. there is also an optional fan placement. 

Email Air-Handling HEPA filters, manufactured to comply with AS4260 grade 2, are fitted for the harmful contaminants in the workzone. Each H14 HEPA filter is individually certified to achieve a efficiency of not less than 99.995% and to be leak- free in accordance with AS1807.6. 

Customisable work surfaces

The PCU comes in the Standard reverse access HEPA replacement model as well as the front exit HEPA replacement Model. The front removal system is fitted with a reverse test access port to confirm the integrity of the HEPA filter testing to AS 1807.6. there is also an option for UV.

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