The Email PCU is a specialist air filtration product, designed for use in office buildings, pubs and clubs, commercial buildings or any other room requiring the removal of cigarette smoke and odours. Made in Australia, the PCU is a derivative from the Email Negative Air Unit, which is used for the removal of critical containments.

In the pharmaceutical and related chemical industries, operations such as sampling,
manufacturing and filling generate airborne particles at varying concentration levels. Where the processes involve oestrogenic or androgenic materials, antibiotics, toxic or other hazardous powders, operators and adjoining areas require protection from exposure to aerosols of the process materials.

Design and Construction

The PCU comes in the Standard reverse access HEPA replacement model as well as the front exit HEPA replacement Model. The front removal system is fitted with a reverse test access port to confirm the integrity of the HEPA filter testing to AS 1807.6.

The cabinet is manufactured with durable welded galvanised steel outer shell, with a special powder finish, which is anti-corrosive, and developed for laboratory and industrial applications. The cabinet is fitted with Email air handling HEPA filters, which achieve an efficiency of not less than 99.995% and replaceable pre-filter to prolong the HEPA filter life.


Control Panel

PCU series booths incorporate a low-voltage control panel, conveniently located on the front panel. The Clyde-Apac S2000 controller is an electronic system that controls fans, power outlets, lights, optional UV and provides a boost system that can be activated in the event of spillage.


Certified to Australian standards

Filter unit and replacement HEPA and pre-filters shall be manufactured in Australia. HEPA filters will be individually tested to AS2252.6 by a NATA accredited laboratory.