Electrostatic Kitchen Exhaust Modules

    The units consist of 2 major parts
    Guarantees savings on long-term building maintenance
    Designed specifically for the high efficiency removal of particulate and odour

AES Environmental Electrostatic Kitchen Exhaust Modules (EKEM) have been designed specifically for the high efficiency removal of particulate and odour from our commercial kitchen exhaust systems, enabling the treated air to be discharged without without concern. The combination of the proven performance of the Email Ionitron electrostatic filters and the Email Carbosorb cells guarantees savings on long-term building maintenance. 



Electrostatic kitchen exhaust modules consist of two major parts – the Ionitron wash-down electrostatic air filter and Carbosorb Type B activated carbon cells. 

Pre-filtered air enters through the ionizer, which consists of a number of fine tungsten wires suspended between flat ground electrodes. A strong electrostatic field is set-up between the wires and ground plates by a 13kV DC supply from the power pack. 

The field is sufficiently strong to charge every particle which then passes through the collector cell which has parallel plates alternatively charged to 6.5kV DC by the power pack. The charged particles are attached to the plates where they are held by a special adhesive coating. 

This clean air then passes through a fixed panel activated carbon Carbosorb cell with a number of galvanised steel trays in a staggered fashion to ensure no air bypass, low resistance to airflow and maximum exposure and contact time with the activated carbon granules. These trays are easily removed for maintenance. 


At regular intervals, determined by local exhaust concentrations, the collector cells reach their holding capacity. The Ionitron filter must then be cleaned by flushing the ionizer and collector cells with water and allowing to dry before a fresh coat of adhesive is applied. The activated carbon granules will also require replacement at regular intervals, determined by the type and concentration of odour. 


The normal initial operating resistance of an EKEM is 330Pa at rated capacity. The Ionitron, when tested to AS1132, gives an efficiency of 87% to No.1 test dust. The Carbosorb cell contains 65kg of activated carbon granules with a retentivity of 65% by carbon tetrachloride test. 


All filters tested to AS1324.2.4-5:

Air Filter Performance
Test laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia. Accreditation number 13213.